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Nympho Diver: G-String Festival Lickerish Quartet
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SkinlessDr. Peter Peel has a few problems. There's Dr. Alice Cross, the roommate/researcher he's carrying a torch for and Neil the Financier who wants results from the research he's been funding since the pair were fresh out of college. Oh, yeah, and there's that personal pan pizza-sized melanoma growing on his shoulder. But things are looking up. He's had a breakthrough in his cancer research and plans to synthesize the enzymes of a cancer-eating parasite in order for the serum to attack and eat cancer cells. What could go wrong...? [Read More]

At the Blog
The legacy of Full Moon really does start with the Puppet Master series, and PUPPET MASTER 4 (aka PUPPET MASTER 4: THE DEMON) has finally found its way to Blu-Ray in a nice new transfer to join forces with the first box set that contained the original trilogy of tiny terrors... [Read More]
Of all the sleazy, gross, sweaty, grimy 80s cannibal gut munchers, FEROX is far and away my favorite. Maybe it's the performance from John Morghen (Giovanni Radice) as Mike "Emeralds and Cocaine" Logan. Maybe it's the way the flick jumps from the harsh jungles to the urban jungle, packing in those cinema verite shots of late 70s/early 80s New York that highlight all the era's true sleaze epics. Perhaps it's the iconic Budy Maglione score that mixes jungle beats and prog rock rhythms into a haunting soundtrack for a road trip to hell... [Read More]
I'm glad the producers of THE ZOMBINATOR realized that the world did not need yet another documentary about the Youngstown, Ohio fashion scene and decided to amp up the proceedings with an improvised docudrama-cum-horror flick featuring a Schwarzenegger impersonator who looks like Steven Seagal and NFL coach Gary Kubiak had a big trenchcoat-wearing baby. Sure, that'll work... [Read More]
Of all the movie monsters that populate the horror landscape, I'd have to say that mummies have to be my least favorite. Give me a bloodsucking vampire, stitched up monster, drooling werewolf, horny sea creature, teen-stalking killing machine or any variation on the above and I'm pretty happy for the next 90 minutes. But throw down some dross about a sack of ancient sawdust shambling after its victims and it's like a big old cinematic shot of diphenhydramine. So when ISIS RISING: CURSE OF THE LADY MUMMY hit my mailbox it should have gone right into the pile reserved for other reviewers... [Read More]
Those Germans know a thing or two about beer and over-the-top gore flicks, so it was with great anticipation that I matched up a Schneider Weisse Aventinus Wheat Dopplebock Ale with NECRONOS: TOWER OF DOOM. And while one is rich and bold and filled with ripe fruit flavors the other is, well, an insane two-hour gorefest... [Read More]

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