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Cannibal Flesh Riot (2008)
Gris Grimly's MySpace Page | Review by Doug Waltz

So, this disc arrived and it wasn't the usual fare that I receive from our noble editor. Apparently it's a short film. The disc came with two versions: he Director's Cut that runs 34 minutes and the Festival Cut that is five minutes shorter. Seems a wee bit pretentious to me, but who am I to judge?

What we have here is the story of two ghouls in a cemetery looking for some vittles. I thought it was a novel idea to use ghouls. In a cinematic world filled with vampires, zombies and werewolves, ghouls tend to get the short end of the stick.

Our two ghouls – named Stash and Hub – are making their way to a particular gravesite and along the way they discuss the proper way to eat their disgusting dinners of human flesh. Of course the real problem is their current bill of fare.

Seems that the boys have chosen... poorly.

In the space of little more than a half-an-hour director Gris Grimly has effectively captured the haunting black and white look of an old EC comic. The two men playing the leads are born caricatures of human beings and fit the part to a T. From stop motion to homage to innumerable films, CANNIBAL FLESH RIOT is the perfect mix of black humor and skin crawling ghoulish fun.

CANNIBAL FLESH RIOT is probably the best short film I have seen in years. It's a shame that the world of cinema doesn't embrace the short film like its feature length counterpart.

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