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Dagon (2001)
Lions Gate | Review by Dan Taylor

What to do, what to do, what to do?

Your boat has crashed on the rocks just off shore and the seemingly-deserted fishing village isn't deserted at all. In fact, the creepy denizens all have the characteristics of, um, fish people. Oh, and that gal you brought to shore with you, well, she's disappeared. So, what're you gonna do sport?

That's the quickie set-up presented by Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, need I say more?) in DAGON, his latest dabble into the gross-out horror-fantasy world inspired by HP Lovecraft. Part GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, part NIGHT GALLERY and part relentless horror ala THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, Gordon pulls out all the frickin' stops.

In fact, the last two-thirds of this thing is like one long, gross chase as Paul (the Jeffrey Combs-esque Ezra Godden) faces the age old debate: die a painful death at the hands of the fish-worshipping skin-peelers or spend eternity making out (and worse!) with the high fish priestess. If I was Godden, I would demand more money – he couldn't have been paid enough for what he's put through!

For those who thought Gordon had lost it with stuff like SPACE TRUCKERS and THE WONDERFUL ICE CREAM SUIT, this shows he's still got the game he brought to the table in the underrated CASTLE FREAK.

I for one am keeping my fingers crossed for next year's KING OF THE ANTS.

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