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The Erotic Diary of Misty Mundae (2007)
Seduction Cinema | Review by Douglas Waltz

Why do you watch Misty Mundae movies? Are you like me in that I like to see how she has progressed from her Factory 2000 days and has turned into a fine actress as well as a very pretty girl to look at? Or are you one of the rest who just watch her flicks because she is, indeed, cute naked and gets naked pretty much all the time with the exception of the recently released SPLATTER BEACH?

If you find yourself belonging to the latter group then I have fantastic news for you. The new release THE EROTIC DIARY OF MISTY MUNDAE (And it really isn’t all that new. There have been trailers for this damned thing on other releases from Seduction Cinema for as long as I can remember) is tailor made for you. Minimum dialogue in a disconnected, really lame framing device and then lots of scenes with Misty and Darian Caine and Ruby LaRocca (Haven’t seen Ruby in forever. I wonder what happened to her.) and Anoushka and A.J.Khan.

Anoushka and Ruby have never been my favorites in the Seduction Cinema stable of actresses and they do nothing to change my opinion in the two scenes that they appear in together. Darian and Misty are always fun to have in a simulated girl-girl scene and the scene where they are having a pillow fight looks like they are having a blast and is my favorite scene on the disc.

They must have been running short on time because they use a scene from DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MISTRESS HYDE with Misty and Julian Welles to round out the flick. And it is a "flick" in the barest definition of the word. Just a bunch of scenes linked together with Misty writing nonsense dialogue in her diary.

I think it may be official and Seduction Cinema has scraped the last bit of Misty from their barrel. Now what are they going to do? What they should have done a couple of years ago. Move on and let other girls have the spotlight. Erika Smith is drop dead gorgeous and would be a great choice as would Darian Caine. Get over it guys! Misty has left the building.

There is a behind the scenes thing that shows how they shot the scene with Anoushka and AJ and Misty. Man! You would think that having those three women prancing around in front of the camera would be any perverts dream job, but in the long run, it comes across as a dull grind kind of thing that would make me yawn uncontrollably after about fifteen minutes. I will have to say that although I have never been a big fan of AJ Khans the woman does have a butt you could bounce a quarter off. Yummy!


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