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Jason X (2001)
New Line Home Video | Review by Dan Taylor

Jason XDespite being one of the few people who actually liked JASON GOES TO HELL (F13IX), even I wasn't sure that lovers of low-brow junk cinema needed a F13X. After watching this delightfully empty-headed entry, I stand corrected.

Starting at the Crystal Lake Research Facility, we find that Jason has been placed in a state of cryogenic suspension. Which, I guess, means that we're suppose to forget that he went to Hell at the end of JGTH and Freddy Kruger's hand came up through the ground and snatched his hockey mask in order to set up the not-so-anticipated FREDDY MEETS JASON big-screen extravaganza.

As if we needed more proof that freezing the masked one was a bad idea, David Cronenberg shows up as a know-it-all doctor and THAT never leads to anything good. (See NIGHTBREED) Sure enough, all hell breaks loose and the Jasonsicle ends up getting discovered by a bunch of researchers in the year 2455. Where belly shirts are apparently still ALL the rage! Woo-hoo!!

From there it's FRIDAY THE 13TH IN SPACE as somebody gets the fool idea that the body of the world's most infamous killer will bring a hefty chunk of dough on the open market in 2455. What they fail to realize is that even in the 25th century, sex still equals death and Jason will be forced to dispense his own brand of twisted moral justice.

Fans of the series won't want to miss the brilliant sequence featuring the Virtual Reality Camp Crystal Lake, and So Bad It's Good Fans will enjoy the concept of using hand-to-hand combat on a 455-year-old mass murderer who has the power to regenerate and has already survived the 500 bullets you've pumped into him.

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