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Loose Screws: Screwballs II (1985)
Severin | Buy at Amazon | Review by Dan Taylor

As the great Joe Bob Briggs once suggested, the best way to make a sequel is to just make the same damn film over again. Don't get all fancy, meta, post-modern and artistic on us – just give us the same movie we liked the first time. While slasher flicks are usually held up as the finest example of this philosophy (or worst, depending upon your viewpoint), any discussion of the repeat-quel has to include the insanely pervy LOOSE SCREWS: SCREWBALLS II.

The classic SCREWBALLS formula – created by drive-in Hall of Famer Jim Wynorski and Linda Shayne from a template provide by PORKY'S – goes something like this: four dudes who represent broad stereotypes set out to obtain the affections, or a naked glimpse, of a suitably unattainable female character. Pack the script with plenty of adolescent hijinks and juvenile double entendres. Sprinkle with generous amounts of nudity and titillation then beat the formula into the ground but ditch before anybody gets too bored.

The original SCREWBALLS (also directed by Rafal Zielinski) executes the formula to perfection, packing its skewed view of 1950s America with enough T&A giggles and guffaws that it attained rightful status as a classic of the genre. And for about the first half of its brief 75 minute running time LOOSE SCREWS hangs right in there with its predecessor.

When the Slick Preppy Jock, Horny Stud, Fat Guy (played by Jason Warren, SCREWBALLS' "Masturbating Fat Guy") and Video Dweeb of Beaver High blow another chance to graduate, they're packed off to the town of Wadsworth where they'll attend the "college of knowledge for morons" at Coxwell Academy. Luckily, Coxwell is packed to the gills with hot new wave chicks who all wear Fredericks of Hollywood nightgowns and have awesome boobs. When they're not concocting schemes to score with their classmates, the foursome run afoul of Principal Aresenault (Mike MacDonald aka the poor man's Eugene Levy) while they try and hook up with Mona Lott (Cynthia Belliveau) the sexy French teacher ('natch).

It's a non-stop orgy of shower scenes, gratuitous aerobics, Asian humor, a chemical that eats away at bathing suits, a wet t-shirt contest at a strip club, and a bitchin' beach dance scene to the insta-classic "Do the Screw".

Unfortunately, there's a point about halfway through where LOOSE SCREWS completely runs out of steam and no amount of pert breasts or new wave power-pop can save it. Great to see such classic trash make its way to video, but I'll stick to the original and other faves like HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS and UP THE ACADEMY.



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