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War Victims Vol. 4: Chained Nude for the SS
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While I'm a jaded reviewer and a hard man who is seldom a sucker for the slick marketing ploys of studios I want you to take a look and admire the cover art. Go ahead, your (wife/boss/mother) just called and said it's okay.

My late grandfather subscribed to a little magazine called Argosy and that's EXACTLY how the covers looked, only significantly more PG looking. Both classical and classless, the cover of this DVD is what made me have such hope for this title. Most every adult film I have ever seen has a slick, oversized gloss cover featuring actual models who are wearing three coats of makeup, a lethal does of hairspray and posed in uncomfortable, unnatural positions that would be almost silly if they weren't electrocuting, overloading your male sensibilities with pure sex appeal. And yes I know that you can't judge a book by it's cover, but I thought this movie would be the missing link I have always sought in my ever expanding-large mountain of sleaze and by that I mean an Adult (not Unrated) plot-driven film that would be the next logical extension to sexploitation films, maybe even the ideological successor to Bob Guccione's CALIGULA, a film that features plot, setting and all sorts of bizarre, brutal action. Not that I am into the S+M scene, or rough trade or slap and tickle (or whatever they call it), but after watching hundreds of films where the camera ALWAYS pulls away just as things get interesting between a captor and their slaves I can't help wondering what would happen if a exploitation movie was filmed under a different set of rules, say triple XXX? Don't judge me! I only seek just one movie that cashes the check they have been bouncing for years while cult film lovers everywhere continue to foot the bill.

Is WAR VICTIMS that movie? No, it is not. It advances the Nazisplotation a boot-nail of a single boot step, but as in most fetish films the following factors kick its ass before it even uncoils its whip: lack of plot, lack of budget and lack of action save for the single action which makes it a fetish film to begin with, in which case you get three thousand times the amount most people can appreciate. In this case, that action is whipping.

WAR VICTIMS: VOLUME 4 is broken up into three 15-25 minute episodes and runs exactly an hour – it seems this film is so abusive they even sought to “beat the clock”. Bwahaha. (Sorry).

Tortured Harem Beauties
An exotic women in simple slave dress with insane measurements of goodness is chained to a ceiling by her wrists before a Middle Eastern-looking flag which designates no known country. A sheik comes into the room brandishing a sex store issue cat o' nine tails and starts to whip her again and again while she cries out in pain. Then just to discourage this sort of outburst he whips her some more. The screen occasionally blackens for a few seconds now and then so they can show her wearing less clothes than before and covered in bloody red streaks. The screen blacking I understand. You can't actually disrobe someone when you chain their arms to the ceiling (without either a scissors or a chainsaw) but the blood is just tacky. A little bit of latex work to actually simulate torn skin might have made this a little better for people who really like this thing, but for my purposes there was scene in the UNRATED movie ILSA: HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHIEKS that was similar yet much more decadent than this (you know which moment) and it even had more of a Middle Eastern flair as well as being filmed on a set that wasn't limited to one room. By the time it ends (fifteen minutes later), the woman is naked, covered in red fluid and silent. I am assuming she had some sort of diabetic coma from being covered in so much Kool-Aid. To paraphrase and misquote Kool Aid Man himself: “Ohh No!”

Hitler's Torture Master
This is pretty much the same thing as before; a solitary girl being whipped in front of a flag (for this scene, a Nazi one). This time around the victim is blonde and secured by both her hands and feet to the top and the bottom of a squarish wooden frame (because if we know one thing about the Germans it's that they hated blondes). The filmmakers really ups the ante here by featuring twice the bondage and a comely victim with both sets of limbs bound! That's what passes for character development and pacing in WAR VICTIMS so read carefully so you won't be confused. This one is makes you realize something is wrong in the state of Germany and sadly it isn't the sweet visual abuses of power depicted in the cover art. The swastika flag on the wall is actually backwards. Maybe it was a deliberate oversight to make this film more sensitive to Hebrew speaking S+M lovers everywhere, but more likely it was a mistake. I can say that with a degree of certainty because the girl wears a torn white t-shirt with a crude, Sharpie-written swastika across the breast (at least for the first half of this short) and while this swastika is at least written correctly, by then you won't care anyway. This one features more whipping, followed by some surgical cutting away of underclothes followed by some whipping, followed by some more cutting until she is exposed and then the candle wax comes out to douse her breasts and privates. By the end of the segment her nether region looks like Yosemite Sam with a head cold. The Nazi captor in this film is completely off-camera except for his black
t-shirted arm, but you know he's a real soulless monster because the girl call often calls him him Robert, when she begs him for mercy. Robert? How very Teutonic!

Chained Nudes for The SS
This final segment features yet another blonde women chained to a bed spring in the exact same manner that Rambo was in FIRST BLOOD PART II while the Nazi flag looms down menacingly or maybe just incorrectly as before. Continuing a theme from the last tale, her “Nazi” captor (some guy in kind of a skirty thing this time) beats the women with a whip dipped in fake blood, so that the strikes always leave a visual mark so you can keep score at home. This one has some new cruel twists of hate as the captor slices his victims clothes away using what looks like a razor sharp packing plant knife which is probably a misguided attempt at high symbolism that only I appreciated. There is also some use of bright lights to torture both the poor girl and the home viewer because when they are turned on you can't see anything but a bright spotlight focused on the girl's mid-section which makes everything else impossible to view whatsoever (always a welcome artistic nuance in a $60.00 porno). Eventually things get almost kind of quasi-normal and almost heterosexual as our Nazi torture master does something no torture master has done before in this set: he not only touches the girl's nether regions from time to time, but also penetrates her with the handle of his razor knife, leaving it inside her, telling her that “she better not drop it or else”. She lets it fall almost in the time it takes him to warn her, little mischievous scamp that she is, so the film finishes up with some clothespins being used to hold open something instead of fastening it closed, while the captor tests the grip of the little wooden clamps in a way I imagine him responding to any issue in his life – he whips it severely under close-up camera angles! He then splashes the woman with some water as the obvious fake blood becomes diluted and translucent, dripping from her private precipice for a few seconds before a climactic fade to black.

Let it be said that while all fetish films are a private fancy (meaning they are entirely a personal taste, depending on what type of things you fancy most privately) I would have to say that if they had actually taken the time to give the characters authentic period costumes, a plot and some dialogue between captor and slave not composed entirely of laughter and perpetual screams respectively, these could have been much more authentic and hotter. It's a vicious cycle, the budget for these sort of films is poor because no one likes them, because the budget for these films is poor.

Sinferno Says...
Yucko/Neato Factor: The screams in this XXX film have never sounded more fake nor the action that inspired them been less sexual.
Production Values: It looks like the most awesomely putrid, frightful film in creation until you actually open the box and play it.
Realism: It was like a new generation of interactive snuff film. It even bores the viewer to death.
Value for Price: For $60.00 this film couldn't be less enticing if it included a free beating in every box.
Plot: No.

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