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The Creature is Sly:
The On-Line Guide to Klaus Kinski

Many, many years ago we devoted an issue of ER to the one, the only Klaus Kinski. If you really want to know why, you can read the original editorial. This section reprints that entire issue, as well as a posthumous appreciation, an extended conversation with Barry Hickey (an actor who co-starred with Klaus in REVENGE OF THE STOLEN STARS), and our ever-growing collection of Kinski reviews including a look at 1971's oddball spaghetti western BLACK KILLER starring Kinski as a mysterious lawyer whose law tomes pack more than court cases.

Check this page on a regular basis as we are always adding new reviews, links and more to the man who deftly juggled serious art-house flicks and delirious B-movie drive-in fodder.

A Bevy of K2 Reviews (UPDATED!) – All the Klaus-related reviews on our site, including 1961's DAS GEHEIMNIS DER GELBEN NARZISSEN starring Klaus and Christopher Lee, Werner Herzog's documentary MY BEST FIEND, the aforementioned REVENGE OF THE STOLEN STARS and the infamous VENOM starring Kinski and Oliver Reed! JUST ADDED – Kinski cameos in the 60s Eurospy caper THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL and turns up in two Eurowesters, I AM SARTANA, YOUR GRAVEDIGGER (with Gianni Garko and Frank Wolff) and 1972's THERE'S A NOOSE WAITING FOR YOU, TRINITY! (co-starring George Martin).

THE KINSKI FILES – Want to know more about Klaus? Looking for the latest news, reviews, web sightings and tidbits before they get to the ER site? Then visit 'The Klaus Kinski Files' the blog devoted to nothing but Klaus, Klaus and nothing but Klaus.

THE MANY FACES OF KLAUS KINSKIAmerican Film's May 1980 cover feature on the "small, middle-aged foreign actor with an alarming face."

KLAUS KINSKI : The Master of Screen Depravity Speaks by Ed Naha – despite a lengthy career, interviews with Kinski aren't easy to come by. Here's a PDF of one (in English!), conducted by author and screenwriter Ed Naha, for the pages of Fangoria #24. (3 page PDF/903K)

Kinski Speaks – check out a collection of WAV files featuring the one and only Klaus Kinski. Install them on your computer and imagine the German Olivier is berating you whenever you startup or shutdown!

Klaus Encounters – Kinski co-star Barry Hickey (REVENGE OF THE STOLEN STARS) talks about his days on the set with the German Olivier

Commentary – What were we thinking when we got so fascinated with Klaus all those years ago?

All I Need is Love – The Gonster's original examination of the out-of-print classic

K2 Quotes – a "Kinski for Beginners" if you will

K2 Cinematic Checklist – how many have YOU seen?

Farewell Klaus – our original "goodbye" to the man with the wild accent and wilder eyes

If you're looking for the Kinski Message Board, we regretfully took it down because it was becoming more of a headache than it was worth. My sincerest apologies to Klaus, who I'm sure is looking down on me with contempt and disgust. If you'd like to talk about Klaus with other trash film fans, check out the ER Yahoo Group or visit The Kinski Files, the only (as far as I know) Klaus Kinski blog on the Internet.

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