Exploitation Retrospect | The Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media

A quick run-down of K2's views on everything from America to Spielberg. (All quotes excerpted from All I Need is Love, a Random House publication)

"I think the United States of America is the freest country in the world. I believe that every new generation makes it stronger."

"Journalists, writers, film freaks: These vultures are trying to feed off me."

"I accept the job, which pays far better this time around. After all, I don't get a rise from filmmaking."

"I actually get venereal disease more often than most people catch colds."

"So I've sold myself for another year. I have no idea what I've signed. I have to take on any shit. As I've said, it's all the same to me."

"'Why are you making such crappy films? You used to do better stuff,' the trashman calls over the fence of our villa as he picks up the trash barrel.

I rub my fingers together to signify cash. He understands and smiles."

"Fellini wants me in his next film and asks me to come to Rome. In Rome Dominique drives me to Fellini's home. He struts around for hours speaking French, because I don't speak Italian yet. He starts to get on my nerves. It's all so very important! I whisper to Dominique, 'Let's get out of here!'"

"My head is one big garbage can where everything is jumbled around."

"Now I absolutely despise the murderer Herzog. I tell him to his face that I want to see him perish like the llama he executed. He should be thrown to the crocodiles alive! An anaconda should throttle him slowly! The sting of a deadly spider should paralyze him! His brain should burst from the bite of the most poisonous of all snakes! Panthers shouldn't slit his throat open with their claws, that would be too good for him! No. Big red ants should piss in his eyes, eat his balls, penetrate his asshole, and eat his guts! He should get the plague! Syphilis! Malaria! Yellow fever! Leprosy! In vain. The more I wish the most horrible of deaths on him and treat him like the scum of the earth that he is, the less I can get rid of him!"

"Making movies means money. Money is our way out of drudgery. So I'll keep going a while longer."

"Now for the first time appears the lie that Herzog forced me to act before the camera at gunpoint. Newspapers, radio, television eat the bullshit up. In every interview I call Herzog a cretin."

"I decide on the Swiss film JACK THE RIPPER in Zurich. I shoot the trash in eight days."

"Menahem Golan calls me from Israel and talks me into doing the film ENTEBBE (aka OPERATION: THUNDERBOLT). He has a nerve offering me such low pay; he could use a good one right in the face."

"As soon as I fuck a girl or she's sucked me off, I want to leave her immediately. If one sucks me over for so long that I let her sleep with me and she wants to cuddle up to me, I kick her away."

"THE SONG OF ROLAND: A miserable, painful story from the Middle Ages. The pretentious director, Cassenti, has no talent; he can win people over only with money. He is too idiotic to realize that it is they who are giving an asshole like him the chance to make a movie."

"Steven Spielberg wants me to do RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and someone brings the script from Hollywood to Paris. But as much as I think that Spielberg is the best director America has to offer, the screenplay is the same tired old shit."

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