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Farewell Klaus

Did you hear who died? Kinski...
Aw man, now I'm really depressed. What did he die of?
They're saying natural causes.
Bullshit -- there was nothin' natural about that guy.

Kinski in NosferatuOn Saturday, November 23rd, 1991, exploitation actor extraordinaire Klaus Kinski was found dead in his Los Angeles home. With his shock of white hair, rubbery face, spooky bug-eyes, and somewhat bizarre accent ("zoom kind uv collactive intelligence"), Kinski made a lasting impression on both the film world and the ER staff.

From his first film -- 1948's MORITURI -- through his work in more recent fare as CREATURE (aka TITAN FIND), K2 always left the viewer wondering, "How much of this is real and how much is an act?" Up front, confrontational, and often shocking, Kinski was so real it was surreal.

Having made headlines for his hostile relationship with director Werner Herzog (a relationship that brought out the best in both men), Klaus splashed into the news again with his autobiography, All I Need is Love. Pulled from shelves after only a brief release, rumors abounded as to why. Though Random House maintains that legal wranglings with an Italian publisher were the real reason, we prefer to believe that the book's near-pornographic prose, vividly detailing many of K2's 160-some alleged sexual encounters, frightened the weasely publisher. Either way, this sucker's a collectors item to be cherished.

Though he'll probably be remembered more for being "Natassia Kinski's father," a candle will always burn brightly in these offices in HIS memory. When all is said and done, Klaus Kinski will be remembered as one of a kind...a true original.

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