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Started by Lou Goncey and Dan Taylor (that's me), ER debuted in the fall of 1986 with tons of reviews and an interview with the legendary John Waters. (You can read that first interview here on our site.) Unknown to us, there was an entire drive-in film zine movement afoot and we quickly became familiar with publications like Steve Puchalski's great SLIMETIME, Craig Ledbetter's influential EUROPEAN TRASH CINEMA, Jeff Smith's brilliant WET PAINT and other great examples of B-movie fandom.

Originally intended as a quarterly publication, ER made the jump to a more frequent distribution schedule with issue #3. The review zine format stuck and though not published as often as I would have liked, ER did make it into the hands of our subscribers on a regular basis.

By the mid-1990s, the drive-ins we frequented were gone and it was getting harder and harder to find diamonds in the cinematic rough. We'd tackled such weighty issues as The Guide to Klaus Kinski (also reprinted here), Women in Prison Films, and other junk film topics, but found the zine drifting into offbeat pop culture coverage (like horror movies made into Atari 2600 games) as well as music reviews. Subscribers were often confused about the publication's direction, especially those who had loyally followed the zine since its blood-spattered debut.

When I moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 1995 I figured on putting ER to rest, at least as a print publication. This web site had been launched that spring and the idea of being able to distribute via the Web became more attractive financially and personally.

Some zines, however, refuse to die. Friends and felow publishers Larry Kay and Leslie Goldman approached me with an offer that I couldn't refuse. For as long as I wanted, they would publish ER as a supplement to their excellent art / music / smut / wrestling mag CARBON 14. That arrangement stuck for seven more issues at which point the decision was finally made to let ER go with issue #50.

Or so I thought. For a dozen years or so I was content to crank out ER as a website and blog, contribute articles to other print/online publications, publish sister zine The Hungover Gourmet, etc. But when 2011's Revenge of Print movement reared its head and some old zinesters dusted off their long reach staplers for a return to the trenches, well, I couldn't pass up the chance.

ER #51 was published in the Fall of 2012 and was surprisingly well received for a publication that had been mothballed for more than a decade. Still available in limited quantities, the issue showed there was still interest in our blend of "junk culture and fringe media" and ER #52 debuted two years later. That issue – available here – also marked our initial foray into on demand publishing via CreateSpace/Amazon. So far the results have been good, I learned what needs to be tweaked in future issues and ER #53 is already in the planning stages for Fall 2015.

And there you have it... a little ER History Lesson for those who care enough to read this far.

Just remember, pain is temporary, film is forever.

– Dan Taylor

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