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Viva Vega: An Interview with
Amateur Porn Actress Mindy Vega

by D.Daigle | Images courtesy of mindyvega.com

Image Courtesy of Mindy Vega at mindyvega.comAs far as lithe, Latina lovelies go; Mindy Vega is very lithe, very Latina, and very lovely. She sells herself as 'the girl next door' despite demonstrating more than enough flexibility in her joints to be 'the gymnast next door.'

Nevertheless, Vega is a beautiful 'amateur' who performs in three live web-cam shows a week, and has a website featuring hundreds of flesh-filled photos and films. Oh, and she also named her dildo... does that really sound like the work of an amateur?

How did you get into posing naked on the net?
Mindy Vega: Well, I was always a shy girl growing up but as the years passed by I quickly realized how much I loved showing off. I started out submitting my nude pictures to a contributors site for cash prizes... and won several times. The responses that I received were so wonderful that I decided I should try doing this full-time. That is when I left my boring book-keeping career behind and built my very own website as a way to continue fulfilling my fantasies...

You are a self-confessed internet 'geek,' and don't you also handle a few other nudey sites? Are these friends of yours...?
Yes, I do admit I am a bit of a computer/internet geek (giggles). I pretty much taught myself everything that I needed to know so I could build and maintain my website. I've even learnt a little bit of video editing but I am far from an expert yet... I now run and operate my website mindyvega.com as well as my two girlfriends' sites, sexyheidi.com and ninacruz.com.

I notice most of the pics on your site feature you with many lucky ladies... Do you have a preference for the fairer sex then, or are you attracted to men and women equally...?
I'm bisexual. I enjoying fooling around with sexy girls but I definitely prefer men!

There is also photographic evidence available that proves you are incredibly flexible... I've never seen a girl put her legs behind her head like that before! Yoga, gymnastics? What's your secret?
(Laughs) No, I don't have a secret. I don't even exercise, as a matter of fact. I guess I'm so flexible because I'm so thin... I'm only 88 lbs, you know.

Image Courtesy of Mindy Vega at mindyvega.comAs a stunning Latina lovely, do you find that people in the media seem to go on and on about Jennifer Lopez – do you think that her big butt often eclipses all the other beautiful and talented Latin ladies in the world? Or are you a J-Lo fan...?
I am a J-Lo fan but I agree that the media tends to focus on her a lot more than all the other beautiful Latina women in the entertainment industry.

I heard that some girls name their dildos and vibrators... (actually, I never heard this but it's kind of a thing I think we should start – like guys who name their penis) how about you, what have you named your sex toys?
I think the only dildo that I actually referred to by a name was my first one... I named it "Fast Stick" because I could cum in a matter of seconds (giggles).

Now, apart from your raunchy shoots and home movies, you have a webcam and participate in Amateur Camhouse... what type of stunts can your fans expect to see on your webcam shows?
I perform about three live cam shows per week. I usually start the show off wearing something sexy and I chat with all my sweet members... Of course, I never keep on my clothes for long, being the exhibitionist that I am!

I slowly start to remove all my clothes and most of the time I play around with my toys or even sexy girlfriends... The viewers usually get to see and hear me cum live.

What is the next step for Mindy – would you ever consider porno? And would that mean you are then a 'Pro' and thus leave your 'Amateur' status behind??! Who decides that stuff....?
Right now I'm enjoying what I do. I plan to continue working hard at providing all my fans with the best amateur website around... Just recently I did a softcore erotic film for late night cable television but I'm definitely not interested in doing professional hardcore porn. I guess that's when you consider someone a "Pro."

Well, finally, let us know of any plans you have for the future, and where we can see Mindy next?
I do live cam shows several times a week. Right now I don't have travel plans where fans can meet me but I usually try to attend webgirl events whenever possible to give my fans the chance to meet me in person.

Thanks, Mindy. You can check out her 'flexibility' for yourselves at www.mindyvega.com.

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