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The Horror of It All: Exploitation Classics as Videogames
Long before the days of Playstation and XBox kids could assume the roles of their favorite killers and victims from such flicks as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and HALLOWEEN. (From ER #43)
WARNING: Turbulence Ahead
TURBULENCE might actually be the first film series that has gotten better as it's gone along. Forget Ray Liotta's scenery-chomping in T1 and focus instead on Craig Sheffer as two different characters in the inspired, straight-to-video sequels.
Open Your Eyes to the Blind Dead
Bored with the standard-issue zombies? Tired of shopping mall mayhem? Then check out the quartet of Blind Dead flicks from Amondo de Ossoria and get ready for some eye-opening Eurotrash.
What a Monster: A Spin Through Hammer's Frankenstein Cycle
How did I avoid these as a kid? DT takes a look at Hammer's answer to their popular Dracula series.
Jean Rollin Sucks Retarded Turtle Dick
No, Crites does not like Jean Rollin. He does not like him at all.
Indie My Ass!
How come faux indies like Miramax scoop up the major awars while real indies work extra jobs to complete their films? We talk with the guys at Kinetic Images for more insight on this troubling trend. (From ER #49)
The 'Stock Report
One man's observations on the festival to end all festivals. Until, of course, the next one comes along.
The ER Record Collection
An informal trip through some of the weirdest, wildest vinyl we've ever had to move.


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