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Son of a Stroll Through the ER Record Collection


The Gabriels

If Ned Flanders had a band they would be The Gabriels. For you heathens among our flock, Gabriel was the angel who told Mary that she was going to give birth to the savior, thus explaining his role as the patron saint of broadcasters, postal services, and Argentinian ambassadors. (Seriously. Look it up.) The album's single, "I'll See You in the Rapture" refers to the end times at which point all those that have been saved will be taken into heaven. The rest of us will be left here where we'll be forced to listen to The Gabriels. BONUS... apparently, The Gabriels liked the front cover pose so much that it's replicated on the back cover, but with yet another outfit courtesy of the fine folks at Phoenix Clothes.

30 California Women
Kenny Price

This is another one that ranks high on my Creepmeter. Kenny, fresh off his second place finish at The Fatty Arbuckles Lookalike Contest, grins mischeviously at an unseen, off-camera cohort. Though surrounded by six chicks that are as close as their paycheck will warrant, Kenny's glance seems to suggest something that even I'm too classy to repeat here.

Captain of the Starship: William Shatner LIVE!
William Shatner

On a recent trip to visit my brother in Oklahoma we wandered out to the local thrift and junk stores. After stumbling into one smoky, smelly joint where most everything was outrageously overpriced I spied this two-record, Canadian K-Tel set. I have yet to figure out what Shatner, looking like a young Harvey Kietel, is holding on the front cover. A vacuum cleaner attachment? A camera tripod? Who knows, but each time I see it I have to remember that this man has actually won multiple Emmys.

Jim Whittington Remembers "He's Everything"
Jim Whittington

I don't have anything against religion or religious people. It's not my bag but if that's what gets you through the day, more power to you. I'm just always a bit suspicious of people that are too religious. Hell, I'm suspicious of people that are too anything. The cover seems to suggest that Jim – looking lost at the carnival in the top photo – remembers where his bus is, but I'm not sure what He with the capital H has to do with that. Yet another religious LP that features a cover of Kris Kristofferson's "One Day at a Time."

To The Tables Down at Mory's: A Collection of Songs for Singing and Drinking
Lee Gotch's Ivy Barflies

When I get drunk I sing "My Sharona," "Whip It!" and theme to "Speed Racer." There's either something wrong with me (possible) or the folks on this record who get juiced and belt out "Cuddle Up a Little Closer," "Alouette" and fourteen other tunes guaranteed to get your ass kicked at any of the bars on this list. It should also be noted that the cover photo has been printed backwards. Artistic flair? Careless mistake? Perhaps we shall never know.

Even More Awful Covers

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